School Schedule

The school teaching programme developed by school has classes which are interactive and spontaneity is actively encouraged. Thus hands-on activity is seamlessly woven with extensive and focused exercises for reinforcement. The objective is to approach knowledge from a holistic development style, which ensures that the student actively participates in the learning process. Sports with multi-faceted co-curricular activities are woven into the daily school schedule, to ensure that a healthy body nourishes an active mind.


  • Every school day begins with the assembly. This helps in instilling a sense of discipline - of the body and the mind - right at the beginning of the day.
  • Assembly for Kindergarten students is held every morning. The school prayer sung by the students brings about a state of meditation, rendering peace and tranquility to the atmosphere. This is an ideal way to enhance the concentration much required by students and teachers alike, throughout the day.
  • Students bring daily news which helps all the students to remain updated of the changes around the world.
  • An inspiring talk and some useful quotations provide food for thought to one and all.
  • A bit of commotion complements and moral lesson on Saturday helps in developing a kind attitude in the students this motivating activity early in the morning helps in energising the students.
  • The national anthem, a symbol of pride and honour for the school, is sung on Monday and Thursday. This reiterates the sense of unity and belonging for the nation.

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