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Stitch In Time Saves Nine

On this topic I want to give you a notion first “The idea is that if you repair a tear in clothing as soon as it happens you might fix it with one stitch of thread, but if you wait for some time to stitch it later, it will tear more and more and we may end up using ten stitches to fix it .

Hence, these general things are needed to be done on time and promptly, it saves time and efforts  in the long run ,from this notion we conclude not to waste our precious time or we must not avoid doing our work on time because it may cause great loss  to us and we would repent.

  If a person does not do his work on time it means he is giving rise to new problems and would require more efforts and if he continues with this habit of ignoring work and not doing it on time then he will make himself a lazy person who over a time would not be capable of doing any work and  will make his life burdensome and he would lose interest to reach the success point due to laziness.

Similarly, if we do not attend to our books before approaching exams than we are bound to face problems during exams and will   not be able to cope up with the situation.

Suppose, if a small banyan tree is noticed appearing in the crevices of a building then what will we do? We would let it grow in our building, so that the building gets damaged ,no, we will uproot it immediately, so that we can save our house as delay means great loss, perhaps ultimate destruction.

When one notices a problem, he should act immediately and take the right decision or necessary steps to correct it. Otherwise, the problem will assume serious proportions and one will be forced to spend a lot of time, energy and money to mend the thing.

Many of us have this tendency to ignore the problem when it is in initial stages. If one acts promptly and nips the problem in the bud  , one will not only incur less expenditure on solving the problem but will also avoid the resulting tensions.

So, it simply means we must make ourselves

 alert and self- disciplined, on time so that you  do not face any problem in  future as ”Timely action very often prevents a great loss”.

                                   Meghna Shekhawat X A           

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