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This phrase actually comes from holy Bible, which means, what you get depends on what you have done, In case of a farmer he harvests the yield of the  crops that he grows . The same goes for each and every one of us, we are bound to get rewards and punishment for whatever deeds we do knowingly and  unknowingly. In other words our actions affect not only our life but also others .The inherent meaning is that the consequences depend on our actions, whatever we do in present will make our future. There is no doubt that every person is identified by the work he does, virtuous living leads to peace and spiritual satisfaction on the other hand vicious living leads to temptation and web of never ending desires. So we are advised to be virtuous in our duty to get desired results. The holy Bilble, Geeta and Koran also emphasis the same. Good deeds endow us with a smooth running and a cheerful life, in short goodness will always beget goodness in life. Our actions are often results of our thoughts each action of ours is motivated by the company we keep and what we perceive ,good thoughts give rise to good actions and on the other hand evil thoughts lead to bad deeds .It is expected from all of us that we should think before we act, as our life as well as others is affected by our actions and the consequences they lead to. We cannot deny the fact that to an extent society molds the individuals into a genuine and honest per son. Our country and  countrymen has immense potential to sow seeds of love , compassion ,kindness and beget great persons like Mahatma Gandhi ,Baba Amtee , Mother Teresa who are remembered till today and  have paved way before the youth to follow their footsteps  and serve humanity till they breathe their last by sowing seeds of love, kindness, brotherhood and spirituality

                                                                                                                                           Hardika Rajpurohit

Class IX A

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